Ryan and I got back tonight from a trip to Bend. We were there for 5 days. The trip was amazing, but still felt to short. We really enjoyed being able to just relax and have fun. Which we really don't get to do to often these days. Between school, work, and just plain life an extended period of time with nothing to do is few and far between.

We got into Bend on Monday afternoon because Ryan got to get off work early (woo hoo!) We unpacked at the house and then walked over to the Old Mill for dinner. We ate at Flatbread, which is fastly becoming one of our favorite places to eat there. By the way if you are ever there you must go there for Monday night flights. It's a great deal for dinner and sampling great local wine.

Tuesday was probably my favorite day of the whole trip. We went to Shevlin Park for a hike. This place is so amazing. I remember going ice skating here in the winters when I was young.

After our hike we went the the Deschutes Brewery for sampling and a tour. This was surprisingly our first time there. We have never found time in the past to go. Since I'm not a big beer fan Ryan had a great time drinking all of my pours along with his. He was feeling pretty dang good by the the time the tour rolled around. I found the tour very interesting. Who knew that brewing was such a fine science.

As always, Ryan and I found ourselves walking around Bend talking about moving there. I don't know what it is, but that city is pure magic. I love how laid back it is and that from our house you can walk everywhere. That is something that you just can't do around here. Well... you can in downtown Portland, but I would never want to live there. So to make matters worse there is a house that is 2 blocks away from my family's house that Ryan and I have always lusted after. And its for sale. It's right in the heart of downtown Bend in the historical neighborhood. It's actually the first stone house built in Bend. The house is enormous for the area and has quite a big lot. This was bad because it got Ryan and I thinking even more about moving to Bend and if we could afford this house. Since the job market sucks, even for health care professionals like us, I don't think that it would be very smart to give up the jobs we have. Plus I'm still finishing up school. Ugh!! All I can say is that I hope the housing market stays this way for awhile and they drop the price on this house some more and a job opens up at St. Charles. Because who wouldn't want to see a view like this every night from your house?

Oh Bend, why do you have to be so perfect? Oddly enough I have found that almost every one who grew up there can't wait to move out to the Valley. Well, more room for me :-)