Wedding Crafts

This last Tuesday Ryan, my mom and I spent the day working on wedding crafts. Here is a picture from our hard work

We had some fun (and very stressful) times with spray paint. When they are all done I will post a picture and show you the final product.
The wedding is just a little over 3 months away! It is coming up so fast and we still have soooo much to do.


I heart the Library Part 2

About a year ago I rediscovered the public library. I have been hooked ever since. I recently calculated the amount of money that I have saved by checking out books and DVDs at it totals almost $1000. Can you believe that???? I was amazed. I have checked out so many novels, craft and knitting books, cookbooks, and dvds.

So in light of learning this amount of savings my goal is to try to no longer buy DVD's and books. Yes, I will still buy a few DVD's that are my favorites to add to my collection as well as my favorite authors. But over all I'm going to try to just check them out at the library. I have a huge stack of books at home that I need to read and I am then going to get rid of them. Any takers? This was Ryan's idea. He really just didn't want to have to move all of the boxes of books again. I think that this might be a great idea for streamlining our place and life. Trying to get rid of clutter. And when you read at least a book a week they can stack up quick! I will let you know how this goal goes.


on my needles

My first sweater...


I made a couple more hats for myself. I'm such a hat person, so knitting has only added to my obsession.

I really wanted a purple cable hat since watching Erin Andrews on the Civil War a couple years ago. The yarn is the perfect color, but wasn't the best choice for that hat. I needed a slightly more dense yarn.

This hat...I so love it. It is warm and cozy and slouchy and cute! It also had an interesting pattern to knit. The bulky yarn made it fast to knit up. I think I did it in two days. Next time I may add a few extra rows so it will even be more slouchy.

pattern -Elizabeth by Jane Richmond

yarn - Paton's Shetland Chunky
also detailed on my raverly page

pattern -Shroom

yarn - lion brand wool-ease quick 'n thick in black
also detailed on my raverly page


So in case you didn't know I'm kinda in love with the Twilight series of books and movies. In the movie Twilight Bella wore a pair of amazing mittens.
These mittens are kinda the reason I really started knitting. I wanted a pair. So I spent some time learning how to knit and finally made myself a pair!
Sadly the pictures aren't that great due to the lighting, but I LOVE the mittens. I really want to make another pair with nicer yarn now that I know that they aren't to advanced for me.

pattern -Bella's Mittens
yarn - lion brand wool-ease solids
also detailed on my raverly page

Baby Shower Crafts

Ryan's cousin Sarah recently had a baby boy. I decided to knit her up a few items to add to the baby clothes that we got her. She got two bibs and a hat.

sorry for the lousy pictures, I guess I shouldn't take them when it's dark out. Sarah said that she loves the bibs that they are awesome because they are longer than most baby bibs. The hat however was to small. So I will need to try a bigger size for future babies.

pattern -  Modern Cabled Baby Bib II
yarn - Lily Sugar and Cream
also detailed on my raverly page

pattern -Big Wool Little Hat- Sarah Shepherd

yarn - lion brand wool-ease quick 'n thick in navy
also detailed on my raverly page

Christopher 1 and 2

I decided that Ryan needed a nicer hat than the first one I knitted him. He also had told me that the first hat was not very warm. So I searched for a warmer pattern for him. this is what I found. That hat was easy and fun to knit. It is reversible and double layered. Thus making it very warm. Ryan liked the hat so much that he had me make one for Shaun. Ryan even went and picked out the yarn for Shaun's hat (Blazer colors).

pattern -Christopher by Jane Richmond

yarn - Paton's Classic Wool
also detailed on my raverly page