I heart the Library

I hate to admit this but I haven't gone to the public library for anything other than school related things since I was a kid. Boy have I been missing out! A couple weeks ago I made a trip to the Tigard Public Library. First of all I was blown away on how nice the new library is. I was very pleased to see how my tax dollars were spent. Just browsing around I was amazed on how many people were using this public space. People reading books and magazines, using the computers, participating in a book group, kids story time and so on. It really warmed my heart to see all of these people gathering in this amazing space.

What drew me to the library in the first place was to look for some knitting books. I have found that the books cost quite a bit for only one or two patterns in it. So a friend suggested that I look at the library for them. I was so impressed on their selection of knitting books! They even had new releases. The librarian showed me how I could search for books at home, place a hold on them and have them sent to my library when they were available. Are you kidding me!! How awesome is that. When I was at the library on my first trip I just browsed around. They have an epic selection of cookbooks. I really don't see why I would ever need to buy one again.

Tonight I was browsing around on the library site and found that they even have a super selection of DVD's. Ryan and I watch a lot of TV on DVD. We have been contemplating the idea of getting Netflix for this reason, because it gets expensive fast buying them. But I found that the library has a ton of TV on DVD. I placed a request of Deadwood season 1. I also found a few exercise DVD's.

As I'm sure you can now tell I'm super excited about my library. I can't even begin to tell you how much money we will save with it. As long as I'm not in a hurry it is perfect!

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