Cloth High Chairs

On a recent trip that we took with Ryan's family Heidi and Chase struggled with feeding the twins. Since we flew they didn't have a ton of room to pack stuff. The hotel didn't have a highchair so they attempted to feed the twins in their stroller. It was not the easiest of things for them to do. This got me thinking about something that I saw online once. A cloth highchair. I decided to attempt to make Brooklyn and Carter each one.

They seem to work pretty well! On a side note look at Brooklyn's face, this is a new thing that she has started doing. It's pretty funny.

Here is Carter's a little closer up. They are fastened by Velcro and fold up pretty small. They will be perfect for the Lemon's upcoming trip to Arizona.

This was another great project for my beginning sewing skills. I really want to try to make another one because I figured out a few modifications that I want to make. So I need to find another baby to make one for. Also have I ever mentioned how incredibly satisfying sewing is! It's nice how fast you can make something.

I had originally planned on making these for the twin's birthday in May. But when Heidi told me that they were planning a trip to Arizona in April I thought that these might come in handy. Which leads me to my next idea. I really want to try to make everyone on my Christmas list a homemade gift this year. I will get them something else as well, but I think that making something for everyone would be really neat. So far I have ideas for my parents, Ryan, and Julie. If anyone has some good crafty gift ideas please share!!

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Karla said...

Hey, you can totally make one for Mitch! They look awesome!!