As I mentioned in a previous post Ryan's cousin is having a baby. I was planning on knitting a couple of bibs to give to her, but chickened out because I didn't think that they looked that great.

I made 2 and got both patterns off of Raverly. This is the first one I made
It is just a garter stitch and was really easy and fast to make. But once again I didn't trust the pattern and decided that I needed to cast on extra stitches. So it came out kind of big. I think that the size would be ok for an older baby (like 9months or older). This pattern was my first attempt at a button hole. Let me tell you that got the best of me. There is a hole there for the button to go in to, but I know that I didn't do it right. I really need to practice on making the button holes for future projects. I need to block this as well as almost everything else I've made. Ryan said that I should have given it to her, but I just didn't think it looked so great.

Here is the second one I made
Now this bib was so tiny! It was like sized for a doll. I followed the pattern exactly, except for the strap (which is obviously to long). So I guess that I need to start making swatches before I start a project. I liked the self striping yarn I used on this bib. It was fun. I was reading that if I block this I might be able to make it a little bigger. So that is on my list of things to do.


pattern - bib 1- Simple Bib
yarn - Lily Sugar n' Cream in Hot Pink
pattern- bib 2- easy peasy baby bib
yarn- Lily Sugar n' Cream in Violet Stripes
also detailed on my raverly page

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