Dirty Girl Washcloths

Back in November I took a knitting class and fell completely in love with it. My first real project was this and although I was so proud of it, it was kind of a mess. I really needed practice on pretty much everything. A few friends of mine who knit recommended that I make washcloths as a practice. They are fairly quick to make allow you to practice casting on, making stitches, and binding off. So after Christmas I made these
I made all 3 washcloths in just a couple of days. Sadly I am just now getting around to posting them. The purple one is a simple garter stitch. The pink one is a stockinette stitch with a garter edge. The blue one is a basket weave. I love the blue one but here is the funny thing, I had to frog it so many times because I started this project right after I first hurt my back and couldn't hardly move and was strung out on pain meds. Because I had trouble focusing I couldn't keep the pattern going. So I had to finally grab a piece of paper and keep a tally of my stitches. I will have to try the pattern again with a clear mind.

I think that this project really allowed me to improve my skills. Look at how much straighter my edges are! This yarn is also pretty easy to work with, plus is super cheap! I still need to learn how to block my projects. I've just been to lazy to do it.


pattern - Dirty Girl Washcloths from Chicks With Sticks
yarn - Lily Sugar n' Cream in Cornflower, Strawberry and Hot Purple

also detailed on my raverly page

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