Spring Break!

So after 3 months of an insane schedule from school leaving me really no time to do anything I was looking forward to spring break. I had my finals on Monday so that left me with almost 2 weeks off of school. Ryan and I left Monday night after he got off work and headed for Bend. We were really lucky with our drive over and didn't have any snow or ice in the pass. The weather there was beautiful and it was such a nice and relaxing time. We really had a pretty low key week there not doing to much of anything. I did alot of knitting and movie watching. We ate some amazing food and just enjoyed each others company.

This picture is taken at the park a couple blocks away from our house. I know that every time I go to Bend I say the same thing, but I am always blown away by how amazingly beautiful Bend is. I really wish that the economy there would turn around so we could move there for a few years.

We came home from Bend on Thursday and I spent most of that evening and Friday crafting (I will post those pictures in another blog post). I worked Saturday and Sunday. Ryan's mom threw a baby shower for her nice Lisa who is having a baby girl. I stopped by after work to see everyone and give Lisa my gift. This last week wasn't quite as great. I'm still having alot of issues with my back which have left me on the couch alot. I really can not wait to be better. The worst part is that I will feel like I'm making progress and am on my way to being healthy again and BAM! My back is all flaired up again. I'm really hoping that the procedure that I had done this week really will help and start allowing me get better. But on the bright side I did get some more knitting in. I just have to find time to make it up to Julie for not getting to hang out this week.

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Steven and Julie said...

no worries! getting better is a number 1 priority.