I heart the Library Part 2

About a year ago I rediscovered the public library. I have been hooked ever since. I recently calculated the amount of money that I have saved by checking out books and DVDs at it totals almost $1000. Can you believe that???? I was amazed. I have checked out so many novels, craft and knitting books, cookbooks, and dvds.

So in light of learning this amount of savings my goal is to try to no longer buy DVD's and books. Yes, I will still buy a few DVD's that are my favorites to add to my collection as well as my favorite authors. But over all I'm going to try to just check them out at the library. I have a huge stack of books at home that I need to read and I am then going to get rid of them. Any takers? This was Ryan's idea. He really just didn't want to have to move all of the boxes of books again. I think that this might be a great idea for streamlining our place and life. Trying to get rid of clutter. And when you read at least a book a week they can stack up quick! I will let you know how this goal goes.

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