New Hair Cut

I got my hair cut on Tuesday and am finally posting a picture. I was going to do the before and after, but the before was just so awful that it wasn't even worth posting. I tried a new stylist out and LOVED her. She did an awesome job. I really liked that she asked questions to find out more about my hair before she just started whacking at it. I wound up cutting almost 3 inches off of it. It was nice not spending hours in the bathroom working on it. I have come to terms that I will always have to work with my hair for a bit due to it being so thick and wavy. But every minute off is awesome. Today's total styling time was 20 minutes. That was blow dry and flat iron.
In other news, I was at the grocery store with Ryan today standing in line to pay when a random lady pointed out to me that my outfit was almost identical to Rachael Ray's on her November magazine cover. I looked and wow! Same navy cardigan, black shirt, long silver necklace, and dark wash jeans. Not to mention very similar hair cuts. Upon further investigation I found out that Rachael was indeed wearing the same sweater as me. I now know that Rachael's stylist must love Banana Republic's wool cardigan as much as me. Only Ms. Ray you should know that I had it first. I loved them so much that on the day that the premiered in the store that I bought one in every color. They were just that awesome. So perhaps you should save the money on the stylist and just talk to me. I will hook you up. Also on a side note, this is why you got the scary close up of my head instead of the nice half body shot. Because I am standing in an almost identical pose to the Rachael Ray magazine cover. But I am willing to bet that most people do not read this blog or her magazine and would have never known other wise.
The Office was on tonight. I love that show, but I don't know why for some reason I was slightly disappointed by it. Humm....
Ok. I'm off to bed. Night
PS- still having a hard time with the whole blogging pictures thing. It will only let me post the picture at the beginning of my blog entry, not within the text. Anyone know how to fix that problem?

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Steven and Julie said...

I may need you to point out these cardigans to me. I have mucho cardigan love to give. :) Also- checked out the Rachel Ray site. You could be twins! You would have the better style though...obviously.