Starting the Change

Ok, the time has come for me to freak out about something other than school, work, and things that I can't really control. This one is 100% my fault. I got a loud wake up call on Saturday that needs immediate resolve.

On Saturday night Ryan told me that we might be taking a trip in January to Hawaii for Heidi's wedding. I freaked out! I am so not swim suit ready. Yes, this is a very shallow and coincided blog but bear with me folks. I was a work out freak until about April of this year. Then life starting getting really hectic with my Grandma being sick. I started spending most of my free time over with her and my Grandpa. And then after that my Grandpa started having problems then he passed away too. I know that this is all excuses, but I had a lot of stress and got lazy. So now it is time to change! I am going to start working out again and get my body back (well, at least so I wont be embarrassed to wear a swim suit). I am going to get more energy again and feel better.

So, since I have to be ready by January I am doing a fast forwarded plan here it is:
  • 300 minutes of cardio a week
  • 3 strenghting sessions a week
  • at least 3 hours of Pilate's a week

This should jump start my body and get me ready for Hawaii. And if that falls through at least I have started a routine again.

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