holidays are here

Life has officially become even more crazy than usual now that the holiday season is officially among us. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Thanksgiving was fairly good. It was hard since it was my first major holiday without my grandparents. Christmas will be even harder. I think that it's when you are used to having a tradition that includes them, it's weird to do it without them there. My biggest void was making holiday biscuits with out my Grandma. But I know that she would be happy that I am carrying on her traditions without her. This year was a quite meal since my uncle's family really doesn't get along with me and my parent's....understatement of the year! But the dinner was amazing!

I did participate in a little activity known as Black Friday. I did some shopping with my mom. I got my annual supply of socks. Along with alot of Christmas presents. I have to say that i was very disappointed with the lack of DVD's on sale. I waited all year to stock up and they let me down! Especially my TV on DVD.

It's official I'm going to Hawaii! Ryan and I are leaving on the 7th of January. I think that Heidi and Chase are getting married on the 9th. It should be a good time by all. I'm excited to stretch my new photography skills thanks to my class. But really, how can you take a bad picture in Hawaii?

I've been working out hard. I'm at the gym 6 days a week for about 2 hours a day. I have to admit that I'm sore almost every day. But it feels good. I am starting to notice that I'm sleeping better at night and have more energy. But also it's a set time that I can take for myself. And I don't get to much of that any more with school and work.

School is going well. It keeps me to busy. I will be happy when it's over. It's been weird because I'm on a different schedule than what I have been used to. So that means that my term isn't over until January. Which sucks because I come home from Hawaii on a Sunday at 11pm and have to be at school for a final at 7:50 the next day. Yikes! At least it's a long flight, hopefully I will study.

I'm proud of myself. This year I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done already. It's a good feeling. Hopefully it will take some of the stress away. I have been spending a fair amount of time shopping for myself. I'm trying to find a new swimsuit and it's nearly impossible to find a swimsuit (let alone a cute one) this time of year. I think that this is insane! Lot's of people travel to tropical places in the winter. Why don't stores carry swimsuits year round. It's so hard to buy a swimsuit online because you really need to try them on. *sigh*

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Karla said...

Hey! I was in Macy's the other day and they had a surprisingly large selection of swimsuits - have you checked them out?