July Part 1

So after promises of being a better blogger I have gone yet again with a major lapse in my entries. Now that we are well into August I think that I will back track to July with a recap of the month.

The month started with Ryan and I taking a trip to Bend. If you read this blog you will know how much we love this place. Every time we visit we long to move there. Maybe someday if the economy ever turns we can find jobs there.... Anywho got a well deserved mini vacation and traveled around Central Oregon. Our first full day there was spent driving around the High Lakes. We started out driving to Fall River. I have special memories of going here with my parents and my Grandpa D.

It truly is a beautiful place, see all those fish!!

Next we drove to South Twin. Another place special to me. I spent alot of summers here as a kid with my Grandma and Grandpa Erickson. It was crazy going back after all these years. It was exactly as I remembered it, only smaller. It's funny how that works to me. Everything is so big when you are a child.

We made a loop around all the lakes and I have tons more pictures of it, if you really want to see them check out facebook.

The next day we went to Smith Rock. While most people visit this shear mass of rock to climb its walls, we decided to hike it.

We spent the rest of our time there exploring the town on foot and eating good food. If you ever make it there I HIGHLY recomend Flatbread in the Old Mill. It's one of Ryan's and my favorite restourants.

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