Look...she wears pearls in the kitchen

Last week Ryan and I went and saw "Julie and Julia" at the theater. It was a little treat for me since I was employee of the month at work and got a gift card to the movies. I found the movie absolutely delightful. After it was over Ryan and I both said that we wished that it could have been a whole movie about Julia Child. She was such an interesting person and so full of life. I read the "Julie and Julia" book as well as the blog. They were both great reads, if you haven't gotten around to it before. I picked up a copy of Julia Child's "My Life in France" to read.

I have a few of her cookbooks and have loved her approach to cooking. I have enjoyed watching her old tv shows. We owe so much to Julia she was the one who pioneered the way for foodies and Chefs across the world. Without her we would probably have to Martha, Gaida, Rachel, Bobby, and so many others. I wouldn't have the collection of cookbooks that I have now if there was no Julia.
I love this picture of Julia! The way she is waving that cleaver is so funny. I can tell you that you would never catch a celebrity chef posing for a picture like this. They all need there perfect sets and hair and makeup crews.

What blows me away is that after all these years is that she is suddenly popular again. All of her books are in the top 50 bestsellers. Almost every bookstore is sold out of "The Art of French Cooking" and most of the other books. Julie Powell recreated Julia Child to a generation of people who have lost the understanding for fine cooking. We live in a world where we would rather have a 30 min meal than take the time to bone a duck or braise stew. Yet Julia didn't like Julie and her project. Although Julia is not with us anymore I think that she would be grateful for all the people who have rediscovered her and her appealing way of French cooking. If you have never read one of her books I highly recommend them. Not only are they full of delicious recipes but they have wonderful tips of cooking technique. Something that anyone in the kitchen needs.

Until next time Bon Appetit!

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