Summer Reading Part 2

I have finished yet another stack of books! I have been doing so much reading at work lately because I have been doing a lot of 1:1 with patients. It is so boring to just sit and stare at the patient for 12 hours, so thankfully we can read during this time.

I really disliked this book. I wanted to stop reading it on so many occasions, but didn't because I kept waiting for something to happen in the book. When I finished it I was like...ok now what. There was no climax to the book what so ever, which was disappointing. I really can't tell you what the point of the book was. So far I have been very disappointed in Madeleine Wickham's books. I love her books when she writes as Sophie Kinsella, but this pen name is very different. The books often deal with affairs and more serious issues. Which can be quite the downer.

Another Twilight book. This one was very short, it only took me a couple of hours to read. But it was interesting seeing the vampire side of the story. On Stephenie Meyer's website you can read a few chapters of Twilight from Edward's perspective. It is amazing! I would love it if she published more books from the vampire's point of view.

This book I actually enjoyed. I almost didn't read it because I have been so disappointed in Wickham's books, but I decided to give it one more go. I was pleasantly surprised. This was about a woman who is getting married, but she is already married to another man...a gay man. It was a fun book and made me really think at times about the issues in it. Because of this book I will give Wickham another try.

Jane Green was the first author that I read in the Chick Lit books. Her writing has changed very much over the years. I can really tell that she writes from her own experiences. At first the books were about young twenty somethings trying to find love, then about getting married and having kids, affairs, divorce, finding love again and so on. This one was very different from all of her other books. It is about a woman who has cancer. It was a beautifully written book that made me think a lot of my experiences of my Grandma and her cancer. A fun thing about this book was each chapter had a recipe in it. The book wrote from many point's of view so you could see how all the family and friends were affected by the cancer. I felt very silly because I read the book at work and it made me cry. I was trying so hard to keep it in, but the book hit so close to home that I couldn't help it!

Emily Giffin has a knack for writing about affairs. It seems to happen in most of her books, but this one was different. It alternated each chapter from either the wife's point of view or the other woman's point. Very fun to see both sides of the story and really made me think about the complexity of an affair. It isn't always so black and white.

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