I have been a very bad blogger. But in my defense life has been VERY crazy since my last post back in August ( by the way Karla your last blog post was 8 months ago!). So here is a quick run down of what life has been like:
  • Ryan and I went on vacation with my parents. We had such a great time and go to see so many things. We traveled through 5 states saw one of the most amazing places on the earth. Ryan also discovered my obsession with collecting my national park stamps, which was highlighted by my Dad driving way to fast in the pouring down rain so I could get my stamp before the visitors center closed.
  • I got very sick. Before we left on vacation I had a trip to the ER. I had been having horrible abdominal pain that would not go away. I couldn't eat with out vomiting it all right back up (sorry for that visual). The doctor in the ER said that he thought that it was a virus or something and that I would be better in a few days. So I decided to go ahead with our family trip. I got better for a little over a week. But I still couldn't eat much without having a ton of pain. Our trip came to a quick close in Spokane Washington with a big dinner that ended with me in the fetal position crying all night. We drove home the next day and I saw more and more doctors. Had tons of tests ran, lost 20lbs (on the bright side awesome for the wedding!), and ended up having surgery.
  • Had surgery  on October 28th I had my gallbladder removed. While I did have a few complications after the surgery, I feel so much better now! It still blows my mind that I just have 3 tiny scars on my tummy. I also can't even begin to tell you how nice it is to eat again. before my surgery all I could hold down was smoothies and bland soup. So that 20lbs I lost will be work to keep off.
  • Started my last term of school. So my last term of my nursing program was insanely hard. Not only was I sick and had to have surgery I logged in 90+ clinical hours, 100+ classroom hours, put over 2400 miles on my car driving to said classroom hours and through all of that I still passed my final with a 95%.
  • I graduated from my nursing program! On December 3 I was officially done!! All my hard work for the last 5 years paid off (I can't believe that is how long ago I started my very first nursing class). I now can put all of these fancy labels behind my name. Here they are in the order that I achieved them CNA, CHT, LPN, RN, BSN, MSN.... PhD (haha not quite that far).  
  • Job search....since I graduated I'm not exactly sure that my plans with legacy will play out as I hoped. So while waiting to see how the cards fall I am exploring my other options. And let me tell you that the job market is bare out there! But I have faith that it will all work out and I will end up with an awesome job that I love.
  • Holidays. Halloween, this year I was way to sick to even consider carving a pumpkin. That made me so sad. I will have to carve extras next year to make up for it. Thanksgiving was fun since I could start eating by then. Now on to Christmas!
So that was the quick run down of life over the last 4 months. I will try to get some pictures up from vacation and graduation soon.

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Karla said...

Thanks for the shout out! Hah! I know - I kind of gave up on the blog since FB. I'm so sorry about your surgery, but glad you are better! Yay for graduation!!!