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So I have been blogging on myspace for a few years and decided to change it up a bit. Mainly because I have quite a few people who refuse to join myspace and want to read about my oh so very exciting life ;-) This now gives me another distraction from school and life to communicate with people. This blog was supposed to be for Ryan and I. But I know that Ryan will never touch it, therefor it's all me. I've tried and tried to get the boy to become more technically savvy but it's just not happening.

I've been trying to start a list of things to do. I have found that it always helps to have a list. My thoughts are also that maybe if I post my list here that people will ask me about the things and hold me accountable.
  • Learn not to stress over things that I cannot control. I've been saying this for awhile now, but at 25 I really feel that I need to embrace it. I think that this will be a huge stress decreaser.
  • I'd like to cook more creative and new meals. I've gotten in a bit of a rut lately due to lack of time and laziness. So I'm going to try to make at least 2 new meals a week. I will try to post the recipes in case any of you are so inclined to follow my lead or want to try a new recipe yourself.
  • Speaking of cooking...when my grandma passed away she left me all of her cook books and recipes. I have probably over a 1000 loose recipe cards. I want to begin to digitize them so nothing will happen to them as well as make them more usable for me. My thoughts are to maybe scan the cards and then type the recipe up as well. I am also trying to think of a way to store the loose cards. Right now my idea is to buy some photo albums and keep them in there. I think that the recipe cards are about the same size as the photo slots in the album. I will have to look into that. Does any one have any ideas or suggestions for my little project?
  • I want to start working out on a regular basis again. I've been so sporadic lately about it and I think that is one of the reasons why I have been so tired lately. But also Ryan nailing me in the leg with a golf ball and me not being able to walk for a week did not help things. My goal is to get back to the gym at least 4 days a week and doing yoga or Pilate's 4 days a week. Plus this will help me look good for when ever Ryan and I get around to taking our tropical trip.

My weekend has been interesting. I had my BLS re certification yesterday morning. One of the guys in the class managed to make the head of the practice manikin pop off while giving CPR. This truly terrified me. I hope that he never has to give me CPR. After the class I met my parents at my grandparent's house to pick up some stuff that my grandparents left to me. It's so surreal cleaning out there house. Dividing all of their stuff up and putting it in boxes makes it all seem so final. It was really sad. Luckily after that I got to go see Julie and hang out at her house and do some baking. We made yummy chocolate chip muffins and sugar cookies. It was a lot of fun catching up with her.

Well I guess that is all for now. It will be interesting to see if anyone even reads this. But it may just be for my own narcissistic pleasure.

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Steven and Julie said...

YAY for new blogs! I'm inspired by you to post a new one today. Look for it. Love J