When I got home from school today I was looking at my google reader and can not wait till I can go to this amazing place.

On a side not how did I go so long without google reader? One of my friends from work, Lindsey, told me about it and over the weekend I got it all set up and it is AMAZING. As you all know I'm kind of obsessed with reading blogs. I spend way to much time each day looking at them. Well, with school starting up again I knew that I would be pressed for time. Would I have to give up my blogging obession *gasp*. NO! The google reader keeps all of my favorite blogs in one place and lets me know when a new post is up. So at the end of the day when I get home I can spend a few moments reading the new blogs. Pure bliss.


Steven and Julie said...

We SO need to go to Fabric Depot! Holy Toledo- we'd go crazy in there!

Karla said...

I KNOW! I've been there before and it's awesome. I've wanted to go for about 8 months. I thought it would be hard with 1 kid, but now - I'll never make it! Good luck!