Dead Until Dark

So I guess that I lied in my last book post when I said that I haven't had much time to read lately because I have finished another book. I think I have been reading in bed instead of watching TV and night during my "relax" time.

Dead Until Dark is the first book in a series written by Charlaine Harris. The series is known as the Southern Vampire Mysteries, AKA Sookie Stackhouse Novels, AKA the True Blood books. So pick a title of the series that you like and go with it. Anywho, last summer Ryan and I got hooked on the TV show True Blood on HBO. I found out that it was based on a series of books and have been thinking about reading them. My mom got me the first five books in the series for my birthday and I started reading them.

Dead Until Dark is about a young woman (25 I think) named Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie has what they refer to in the book as a “disability” in that she can read people’s minds and hear their thoughts. It is quite hindering to her in the fact that she can’t maintain a social life, especially when it comes to dating. I can’t imagine what that would be like! Yes, at times I would LOVE to read people’s minds but to hear it nonstop would be insane. This parallels to me with another vampire series of books Twilight. Edward has this same talent. Sookie is a waitress in a small southern town and lives with her Gran. In this fictional world Vampires have “came out of the coffin” and live among the rest of the population. There has been the invention of synthetic blood, which allows them to have nutrients without feeding on humans. Although many still do feed on humans. Sookie falls in love with a vampire named Bill and this book is the story of them falling in love and the drama of a small town.

I will say that this book is pretty different from the TV show. Some of the story lines follow but it is very different in many ways. I don’t want to ruin it so find out how for yourself. They are a pretty fast read. Unlike Twilight, these books are written for adults which is apparent in some of the content. Sookie isn’t nearly the woman that she is on TV, she is much more na├»ve. But it still makes for an interesting story. I have already started the next book in the series.

I would give this book a 3/5

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