The Perfect Rain Boot

I have been in search for the perfect rain boot for quite some time. I live in Oregon so rain is no suprise to me. It's not that I hate the rain, I really don't mind it. I just hate that my feet are always wet and cold when I'm walking around. It it never fails that I will always step into that huge puddle when I'm not paying attention. Then the wetness slowly creeps up the back to my pant legs. It's just not fun! I've been looking at tons of boots in all price ranges, but for some reason it seems that most rain boots look like something a little kid would wear. I like a cute print from time to time but I really wanted something slightly more sophisticated (well as much as a welly can be). So for my birthday Ryan suprised me with these

I LOVE THEM! First of all they are purple, which to me was the perfect splash of color for a gloomy rainy day (not to mention my favorite color). Plus they are super comfortable. I could really wear them out walking around for hours. I have always lusted after these boots with dreams of wearing them working in the garden and rainy days in a farmers market. I didnt' quite realize how popular they were until the last few days. I was watching Twilight and Bella wears them walking on the beach. Flip through a gossip magazine and you will see the likes to Kate Moss, Jennifer Anniston, Kate Hudson, the Royal Fam, and many others sporting the wellys. I guess this means that my feet will not only be dry but fashionable. I've really never been so excited for the rain.

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