Baby shower gift

Ryan's sister Heidi is pregnant with twins and is having a baby shower. I decided to try to make her something a little special to hold some of her presents in and this is what I came up with.

This last picture is my favorite part of the basket. I made little diapers to hold the socks in. The socks are so tiny! I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it was to find those diaper pins. I searched so many stores and wound up only finding them at two places: Jo Ann's and Babies R Us. The ones at BRU were much cuter and cheaper. In case you couldn't tell Heidi is having a girl and a boy. This made for a bit of a challenge when making the basket. It was difficult finding cute unisex fabric. I noticed that even if the fabric was in neutral colors it tended to be meant for more of a boy or girl. At one point I almost just made two baskets because I couldn't find any decent fabric.
I filled the basket with basic baby items in pink and blue. Ryan and I had a hard time deciding what to get and went with basics because no matter what they need it. We also have a few more things that couldn't fit in the basket.
What I should have added was the pictures of the blisters on my hands from the hot glue gun. That thing is a deadly weapon! The flaps that are hanging with the diapers on them are made out of four cardboard cutouts (two for each side) that I hot glued batting on then covered in fabric. Next I took lace trim and glued that around the edge and sandwiched two of the pieces together. Thus creating two flaps. Most of my burns came from my own stupidity. I would see the glue smoosh out of something and I would try to wipe it out with my finger. Not so smart :-/
I have to say that I'm glad that this is done. Mainly because it's been taking up alot of room. It was fun to make and I got to learn alot of new crafty things. My mom was a huge help, especially with the sewing the diapers. I still can't sew very well so she came to my rescue. She was also my extra hands that I needed to press things down. Yay for mom! So I hope that Heidi likes her present. I know you might wonder why I am posting the pictures if I haven't given it to her yet. Well, I'm pretty confident that she doesn't read my blog. So I'm safe.

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Steven and Julie said...

OMG. That thing is EPIC. Very cute.