Twilight the Movie!

I have learned to love and get excited about the small things in life. New socks, cup cakes, sunny days and Twilight! The Twilight movie came out on DVD this last Saturday. I was so excited that when I got off work I drove out to Target and bought the 3 disk special edition.

I saw it in the theater twice, once when it first came out back in November. Then last Tuesday at the Kennedy School. The first time I saw it I was really disappointed in it. The second time I really enjoyed it. I think it was because I no longer had expectations for it. I could just relax and enjoy it. I need to remember this for when New Moon comes out. Also, thank you to Ryan for going with me both times.
I still haven't watched the movie on DVD. I have been to engrossed in all the extras. I'm not sure when I will watch it. But it will be soon.
Sadly, I know what I dork I am for loving this so much. But you know what I chose to embrace my inner dork. I'm adorkable!

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