Blog Envy

So I'm a secret blog stalker. I will look at blogs my friends follow, random blogs I find online, and celebrity blogs. I waste a TON of time reading blogs. But I will say this, lately I have had total blog envy reading some of these blogs. They are so creative, written well, have beautiful pictures with like every post, and are updated at least weekly (some several times a week).

I feel so inadequate. I need to work on the quality of blogs. Note: this blog will not be the start of the amazing new and improved blog. But maybe when I get some more time I can make beautiful blogs. I will make an attempt to work on the quality of my blog entries.

I have also decided that I really want to become more crafty. This was one of my new years resolutions. I have been looking at lots of craft blogs lately for ideas. I want to learn to cross stitch and knit. I need to embrace my enter geriatric...that along with my going to bed at 9pm every night makes me golden. Gosh, I'm sad. But I have found some lovely ideas for gifts as well as for things I'd like to have in my own home. I have found a few books that I think I might buy that teaches you with some basic beginner ideas. These books were recommended to me by a friend who recently became OBSESSED with cross stitching. She has made some fantastic things! I'm also envious of her talent. I think I might see if I can find these books at the library to save some money. But if not I will try to find them used at Amazon or Powell's.

I'm also super excited about a new t-shirt I found online. It has one of my favorite sayings on it, that has become so much more relevant to me lately. When I get it I will post a picture of me wearing it.

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