Chasing Harry Winston Review

Last night I finished reading Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger. I really enjoyed reading this book. The book is obviously chick lit and nothing very deep. But to tell you the truth I enjoy reading fluff books right now. There is to much stress going on in the world and life in general. It is nice to be able to unwind it a lighthearted book.

The book is told from 3 characters point of view, which I was unsure about at first. I have found in past books that I often find books that have multiple points of view can be confusing and leave you wanting more. That they don't give you enough out of each character. This book didn't do it. Weisberger seamlessly transitioned from each character and incorporated them all together. Leigh, Emmy and Adriana all feel like people that you could have already as a friend. They are believable characters and more importantly you want to be part of the world. Which keeps you coming back each day to read more.

Each character holds their own. They are each individual and unique. Emmy works at a restaurant and travels the world seeking new ideas for it. Leigh is an editor for a major publishing company. And Adriana, well she is a lovable socialite type. All 3 girls are approaching 30 and are seeking an engagement ring. This book is the story of their adventures and quests for love.

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